Our portfolio of solutions is based on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies applied to the fields of industry in which LC TECH operates. Our high-value proposals are supported by close partnership with some of the world’s leading technology providers and our own expertise.


LC TECH is proud to have been awarded the "Solution Partner", certification for its expertise on apps and systems, high product competence and outstanding support on automation and facilities. Such recognition certifies the complexity of its projects and quality of its solutions, by solving an adding clients’ needs.

LC TECH has vast experience in: DCS Simatic PCS7, WinCC, Sitras S7, IT Solutions, Digital Plant, Comos, Energy Manager, process instrumentation. Its knowledge is validated by the variety and complexity of solutions implemented in partnership with Siemens technologies.

Rockwell Automation

LC TECH has acquired a vast knowledge on Rockwell Automation technologies, which has allowed for the development of projects of diverse complexity, generating high-value applications for its clients. Our engineering team is trained in the PlantPAX system and the FactoryTalk Software Suite, Logix line of Controllers, Process Optimization Solutions, Batch Process Management and Thin Manager Applications.

Rockwell Automation has acknowledged our technological capabilities, expertise and background by including LC TECH in its “Recognised System Integrator” program; the highest partnership level awarded by the company.


LC TECH has vast experience in ABB systems. Its engineering team has proper training on the brand technologies, having developed outstanding projects with quality solutions in different industrial areas, achieving recognition and appreciation locally and abroad.

LC TECH has carried out highly complex applications, including all the available features of the systems used.
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Matrikon is a neutral OPC UA solution and OPC-based data interoperability products for Automation and Control.

These products enable integrators and end users to have reliable, scalable, and innovative data connectivity, training, and support to better compete in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 (I4.0) era.

LC Tech distributes Matrikon products in Argentina. For inquiries and advice, contact us at
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Industrial Networking

Specific knowledge on industrial networks, protocols and security is mandatory, and must be fully aligned with the state-of-the-art Industry 4.0. In this process of constant evolution, it is essential to manage communication technologies in all their variants (wired, wireless, copper, fiber optics), applications for efficient data management, as well as standards and common practices related to cybersecurity, in order to ensure an efficient management of any relevant information resulting from production processes.

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This field is of paramount importance for either control of environmental contamination or end product quality standards, based on compliance with raw materials specification, has an essential role: measuring a substance’s chemical-physical features, in order to determine in a simple manner, whether or not the expected objectives are met. In recent years, the technologies on which these equipments run have significantly advanced, increasing not only in precision, but also in versatility and practicality of use, thus spreading to several other production sectors.
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Instrumentation plays a decisive role in industrial processes and is the backbone of process control. The innovation, growth and development of computer and communication systems, and the technological concept of Industry 4.0, together with the integration of these technologies in process instrumentation, have become the fundamental tool for digitalization, starting from sampling of process variables in real time.
From plain instrument supply to implementation of turnkey projects, LC TECH’s capabilities enable it to engage in every phase of process instrumentation.

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LC TECH is leader in providing solutions for the thermoelectric generation market, LC Tech integrates solutions for boiler combustion control. LC Tech is a distributor for Argentina Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia of the Dallas-based Forney Corporation product palette:

● Intelligent flame detectors.
● Ignitors.
● Burners.
● Dampers.
● Entertainers.


LC TECH strives to continuously improve its practices, and this is materialized through the many standards and certifications obtained. The latter support and validate both its expertise and professionalism as well as its social involvement. They also challenge us to constantly update our technological expertise, while systematically and comprehensively developing new ways to face and solve problems.

It is passion for what we do that drives us, understanding the importance of maintaining and increasing our certifications.


Societies grow at unsustainable rates. And so does the production of all kinds of goods and services required daily. And even though we are more or less used to recycling, now is the time to learn another way to contribute to the planet’s sustainability: energy efficiency.

Energy management means optimizing the use of energy, seeking rational and efficient use without compromising performance levels.
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In the current context of global competition, technological development and innovation, companies in general and manufacturing companies in particular, are forced to reformulate or reconfigure their strategies and production processes. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing are the agents that make this transformation possible by integrating manufacturing technologies with information technologies, thus developing powerful and innovative manufacturing and production as well as business management systems that add flexibility and value to production processes.

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