• Technology, efficiency & profitability

We provide counselling and solutions (holistic and integral) that allow, through technological innovation, to improve the efficiency and profitability of industrial companies, optimizing product quality, increasing production and reducing environmental impact. Enabling future generations to inherit a livable and sustainable planet.

Solutions we offer

Automation & Control

  • • Basic and detailed engineering • DCS and PLC configuration and programming • Field buses • Plant management systems integration • Boards and CCM design and construction • FAT, SAT tests and start-ups execution • Training and audits • Processes remote monitoring • Management of batch processes and material traceability


  • • Specification, application, selection and provision • Detail engineering • Plant commissioning

Digital Transformation

  • • Analytics • Reports • KPI's: OEE / Command dashboard • Augmented reality • IIOT

Project Execution

  • • Project management • Works management • Installation and commissioning • EPC and turn-key projects

Energy Management

  • • Photovoltaic generation / Microgrids • Energy monitoring and/or management • Buildings and industrial plants energy efficiency audits • Energy efficiency counselling
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers us a combination of multiple technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. This combination enables us to capture an infinite amount of data and build digital ecosystems to obtain reliable information, in real time and on any device and place. This helps to make quick and accurate decisions and even to obtain predictive patterns, helping to improve the efficiency and productivity of industrial companies, optimizing product quality, increasing production and reducing environmental impact. All these achievements allow us to move towards a much smarter industry that is adaptable to the requirements of the new economic and digital era.

Transformation not only depends on incorporating the latest technology on the market and applying it in the company, but it is about leading that change and helping employees to change the way they work and understand their role, since people are the cornerstone that enables to build a whole process of Industry Digital Transformation. Maintaining good communication within the company helps to keep the entire organization informed of where the company is progressing and what achievements are going to be obtained along the way, and in this way begin to build an awareness of Transformation.