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Our portfolio of solutions is based on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies applied to the fields of industry in which LC TECH operates. Our high-value proposals are supported by close partnership with some of the world’s leading technology providers and our own expertise.


A complete and meticulous analysis of the different processes involved in the production system allows us to develop automation and control projects based on the needs of each client. A continuous control based on verified systems allows us to ensure the highest quality in production and execution of the start-up in the committed times.
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Great experience in industrial electrical installations, allows us to work in any low voltage (BT) and control field; from electrical and control panels, low voltage installations to communication bus installations, instrumentation and sensors.
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Instrumentation plays a decisive role in industrial processes and is one of the cornerstones of process control. The innovation, growth and development of computer systems and communication buses in recent years, and the integration of these technologies in process instrumentation, have become one of the most powerful tools for data acquisition and process variables sampling in real time.
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In a time of constant evolution in technology, it is essential to understand that the industrial revolution towards industry 4.0 is the consequence of a transformation in the business model, conditioned by the new demands of the markets (just in time, paperless, time to market, Quality & regulatory compliance, asset performance ...).
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A good automation solution will directly result in an increase in production and an increase in work efficiency.
Proper management and administration of automation projects will allow reaching the best solution not only technically for the project but also with a very good use of available resources and with correct cost management. All this implies a clear advantage for the end user of the solution to be implemented.
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Energy management consists of optimizing the use of energy, seeking a rational and efficient use without reducing the level of benefits. Energy management is increasingly present, from Corporate Social Responsibility policies, to consumption control to promote energy savings or the contracting of supply points. LC TECH detects opportunities for improvement related to the quality, safety and efficiency of energy systems, making users aware of their system, identifying consumer points and implementing improvements, reaching high levels of energy efficiency.
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Being a certified partner of the main automation manufacturers provides access to a large knowledge base and technical support lines that speed up problem resolution time.

In addition, LC TECH has all the necessary tools to develop and/or configure software applications for the most popular control systems, PLC or DCS.


Our engineering team provides training, audits and technical support to our customers. Our team members receive all the necessary training and are kept up-to-date to carry out their tasks, which implies a deep knowledge of the technology involved.


Specialized maintenance services are part of the comprehensive solution mix we provide to industries based on our experience and skills. Our goal is to ensure our customers the availability of plant assets, to improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

In the age of the Internet of Things (IIoT), LC TECH provides technologies for environmental monitoring, for the management of water resources, meteorology, industry, intelligent buildings; generating important information for decision making. These measurement systems are integrated by different sensors, communication technologies, storage, processing and analysis in the cloud.
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LC TECH is involved in a permanent vision that goes far beyond the approval of a project